If I am the Ripper and you kill me, who will answer your questions?

recovery ▪ noun [s or u] ▪ /rɪˈkʌv.ər.i/

  1.  the process of getting back something lost, especially health, ability, possessions, etc.
  2.  the act or process of getting better; improvement.



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  [7/10] Physical Education


have you ever shipped something so much you just want to hit yourself in the face with a brick

"Yes, I have an agenda - living.”


this is the only sassy reaction gif anyone will ever need 


"Dr. Frederick Chilton was a sassy pouty little shit with a pimp-ass cane and everyone, I mean everyone, totally wanted to do him.” - Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs, presumably


Reason 3284739567346762306 why I love Julie Andrews.



'The most-important aspect of a successful recovery is recognizing that life will never be the same.'

season 1 vs. season 2 



"Rose, it’s me. Honestly, it’s still me."

#god the part about this that kills me #is you know that as the doctor looked on #on that beach in norway #he could feel the press of her fingertips on his chest #from that first testing touch all those years ago (via thebadddestwolf)

jeff and annie in 5.12